How To Sleep On A Pillow For Neck Pain?

There’s nothing more painful or frustrating than waking up in the morning experiencing neck pain. The most typical cause of neck pain during morning is your pillow. When picking the right pillow for neck pain, it’s essential to choose the one that supports the neck and the head in the correct position to minimize neck tension and damage to the existing injury.

Good pillows conform to the body shape, providing support without applying pressuring as well as ensuring that weight is evenly spread along the vertebrae and spine.

Guide to Sleep On A Pillow For Neck Pain :-

Lying on Your Back

Lying on Your BackWhen you’re lying on your back, your pillow must support the head, shoulders, and neck keeping the spine’s curvature in a natural position. The pillows must be kept low to prevent chin tilting that could put strain your neck. Too much pressure to the neck in this position could irritate sensitive muscles. Facet joints also referred to as synovial joints lie in between the vertebrae, which can be inflamed or impinge nerves once a pillow is very high and puts pressure on the spine and the neck. Any neck problems can be amplified, which could cause a delay to recovery. Placing pillows under the knees may also reduce back strain and is the most gentle and suitable position for the back.

Lying on the Side Can Reduce Neck Pain

When you’re lying on the side, your pillow must support your neck and head so that the spine would remain straight and in a horizontal position. The head must not be tilted at awkward angle. Also, the weight must be distributed in an even manner. The pillow must fill the space between the ear and the mattress to prevent neck from bending in an awkward manner. A small pillow placed under your waist could provide comfort and support. Through changing sides when you’re sleeping and repositioning the pillow, the pain can be reduced.

Sleeping On Your Stomach

When you’re sleeping on your stomach, flat pillows must be used or no pillow at all to protect your neck and head and prevent these from turning in an awkward and unnatural position. Another pillow placed under your stomach can help the spine from arching and will keep its straight alignment naturally. Numerous pillows may aggravate the shoulders once positioned improperly and it’s in turn could aggravate the neck through setting off spasms in trapezius muscles. Such muscles span the back, shoulders, and neck, performing several actions like moving the neck in various directions.

Through placing your shoulder slightly forwards on the mattress whenever you are sleeping on the side, the pressure will be eliminated from such muscles and the risk of forcing your shoulder blade towards your spine is reduced. People who suffer from neck pain frequently may find that putting extra pillows under the arms for support can reduce neck pain and increase comfort.

Having the right posture in the waking hours, with hip, shoulder, and ears in alignment could decrease existing pain and will prevent further aggravation. It’s essential to maintain this right posture when sleeping as this will protect you from damage. So, always use the best pillow for neck pain properly.

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