Pros and Cons of the Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam has become the preferred recommendation to relief neck pain quickly and improve night sleep. There are several reasons why Memory Foam is the best material for a pillow. However, there are also shortcomings. Some users experience discomfort.

To fully explain what you can expect from a memory foam pillow, we’ve collected the pros and cons in this article. To feel the benefits of any pillow, you have to feel comfortable with it in the first place. There are conflicting opinions on memory foam usage. We sincerely hope this article helps to make up your mind about the memory foam pillow.

Pros and Cons of the Memory Foam Pillow

Cons of  Memory Foam Pillow

  1. It is too heavy

Memory foam pillows have an average weight of 2 kilograms. That is higher than the regular pillow weight. Discomfort don’t actually come from weight since you sleep over the pillow, not under it. However, this is a typical observation of most users once they come across the memory foam pillow for the first time.

  1. It is too firm

Especially at first, some users find the memory foam pillow too firm for them. Most people who complain about this is because they are used to softer pillows. Nevertheless, if they are suffering from neck pain, the soft pillow is much likely the reason of their pain. The firmness of a memory foam pillow is necessary because it is what gives the proper neck support. Most users who try it and feel it firm, get used to it after 2 or 3 nights of good sleep.

  1. It keeps Heat

Some foam used as memory foam have traps for heat. They make the pillow hot for users whose average temperature is high. It will produce discomfort and heat while sleeping. This phenomenon occurs in one-piece memory foam pillows. There are ventilated models to overcome this issue. The cases are few, but it happens.

  1. It has a Typical Odor when it is New

Some users don’t like the fact that memory foam has a characteristic smell when it is new. It decreases gradually over time to become imperceptible.

Pros of Memory Foam Pillow

  1. Easy to clean

You can clean a one-piece memory foam pillow quickly. Just use a cloth with soap and there is no need for an exclusive product. For the shredded variety in most cases, it is allowed to wash it on a machine. However, the instructions of the manufacturer must be followed. Depending on the construction of the pillow, it can be ultimately sent to the washing machine, or you need to disassemble it.

  1. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is best

It is believed that the contoured memory foam pillow is best. It works, but it is not suitable for everybody. A contoured memory foam pillow can be too high for some people. To achieve the best of your memory foam, look for the shredded type. It can cuddle comfortably and it is much more comfortable than its counterpart. It also improves air circulation in between the shredded materials, which reduces heat. Other varieties include the one-piece squared, contoured and other customary one-piece types which are more decorative than effective as night pillows.

  1. Contours the particular shape of your Head and Neck

There are many pillows on the market, but only memory foam pillows can adjust correctly to anybody. The advanced system to create the form under the applied pressure contours the particular shape of your head and neck. Every individual is unique. The only way to get a unique pillow for an excellent night sleep is to get a memory foam pillow. It will provide a customized support for the correct spinal placement.

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