Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow Review

There are different kinds of pain that are exacerbated when you’re sleeping on the wrong position or are caused by bad support during night time. People with back or neck pain from an injury should be careful regarding the kind of support they’re using in bed. Having a proper pillow is essential to keep the back and beck in the right position while you’re sleeping. If you will use a wrong pillow, this could cause serious shoulder or neck pain. Fortunately, Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow has a good support system that enables you to adjust to its exact firmness level so that you can sleep soundly and wake up without experiencing pain, regardless of what position you prefer when sleeping.

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

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Features of Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 1 yr warranty for defects
  • Automatically responds to one’s movement to maintain support when sleeping.
  • Adjustable to any firmness or user desired
  • Clinically show to boost sleep four ways and decrease neck pain

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow Review

Stomach, Back, and Side Sleeping Support:- There are numerous support pillows available, yet majority of them are designed toward 1 or 2 sleeping positions. The way you sleep will have an impact on how you feel, and whether or not, you’ll end up with back or neck pain once you wake up. For you to achieve perfect night sleep, you need to keep your neck in line with spine while supporting your head at the same time. Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow comes with an inner chamber that will give you comfort.

Made with Quality and Proven to Be Effective Technology:- Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow is considered as the most advanced sleep aid. This offers anyone a luxurious and very flexible pillow. When compared to other pillows, it retains its shape and moves with the body as you switch sleeping positions. This pillow also takes the pressure off your neck and head through distributing the body weight as you move.

Superior Comfort:- The inside part of this pillow is the water chamber that’s completely covered by thick layers of 100 percent polyester filling. This provides the pillow a fluffy cushion for head while its water chamber provides support, adjustable height, and flexible movement. Its outer case is designed with 100 percent cotton threading for a smooth, soft, and hotel quality feel, which stays comfortable and cool all night long. It’s a big pillow with tons of surface space to accommodate side sleepers who want to conform their pillows to their stomachs or back. This is also best for pregnant women who like added support for stomachs that will not be too bulky or make pressure once they move.

Easy to Clean:- This pillow requires simple care and very easy to clean.


  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy machine wash and dry
  • Clinically tested for the best sleep quality


  • A bit heavy compared to other pillows
  • May feel cumbersome at first
  • Complete support with its extra large size

Bottom Line

Get ready to greet the day free from pain and enjoy waking up without feeling any pain with Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow. It’s a great pillow that comes at a reasonable price and guaranteed to last for many years. So, grab one today!

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